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IEDHH - 630 and 670G Medtronic Advanaced Systems

Did you know: The Institute of Endocrinology Diabetes Health and Hormones had the largest number of patients started on Insulin pump therapy using 630 and 670 G Medtronic advanced systems in the entire country in 2018. Making the Institute of Endocrinology one of the top premier practices in the nation when it comes to using technology to improve the lives and outcomes of diabetics.

IEDHH Only Practice in Bay County recognized by ADA

Did you also know that the Institute of Endocrinology Diabetes Health and Hormones is the only endocrine practice in Bay county that is recognized by the ADA (American Diabetes Association) for it's diabetes self-management education program? When it comes to diabetes, one of the top practices in the nation is right here locally. If you are diabetic, call today and visit one of our branches in Panama City, Panama City beach, Destin or Crestview.

Eversense CGM System

The Institute Of Endocrinology Diabetes Health and Hormones is pleased to announce that we are the first and only practice in the Florida Panhandle to offer the 90 days continuous glucose monitoring system, the Eversense CGM system, to our diabetic patients. Using the system allows the patients to see their glucose levels data in real time with on-body vibration alerts for hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. Schedule your consultation today.