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Thank you for your interest in our weight loss program. We have health education packets and other brochures with content to help you better understand your treatments, successfully manage your condition. Please ask our staff for proper consent forms and surveys to fill prior to joining our program(s). Welcome to our family!


Join one of our WELLNESS PLANS 


Four Different Plans! Choose the Plan Best for You!!!  


Platinum Membership* $190 per month

Unlimited use of the Gym and Personal Trainer

Weekly visits with our Nutritionist

Weight loss Medications if prescribed.


Gold Membership* $150 per month

Unlimited use of the Gym and 2 weekly visits with our Personal Trainer

Every other week visits with our Nutritionist

Weight loss Medications if prescribed.

Additional Nutritionist or Personal Training visits are only $10 per visit.


* * A weight loss visit with a Healthcare Provider is only $20 for both Platinum and Gold Members.  This is regularly $75 for Silver Members.  You will see a Healthcare Provider if you need a prescribed medication to help weight loss and to renew or change the medication.  



Silver Membership $75-$90 per month

Includes a physician visit and medication for weight loss if indicated.  

Saturdays only from 9 - 3 


Pick and Choose your own plan.  





Join today by sending us a request online (preferred method) or calling 850-522-5490  






Don’t stress anymore! You are in the right place. We have all that you need here. At the Institute of Endocrinology we will provide for you a specific detailed weight loss program that is tailored to your specific needs. You are able to choose your own plan and design a wide variety of treatment programs that are capable to meet your needs and that is within whatever budget you have. Your plan can include meeting the health care provider with an unlimited number of visits. You have the options to add on time with our nutritionist, personal trainer, and massage therapist, ultrasound therapy, exercising in our gym, and exercising in a local pool with our personal trainer. You can have your metabolism tested, have an accountability partner, join our support groups, and organize your very own “weight loss camp” where we will teach you how to eat and exercise to gain or lose weight. We have helped many people lose weight, eat healthier and prevent chronic illnesses. Please sign up today. See one of our staff and we will assist you in creating your weight loss plan according to your schedule.  





For more information on our diet plan services, call us today at (850) 522.5490 



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