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We encourage you to see one of our health care providers if you want to take weight loss medications. See our very own nutritionist here in our office for proper meal planning, discussions on foods that increase metabolism, and formulating diets that will work for even the busiest person. There are also options to talk to our nutritionist via phone, email or skype for proper forms of “checking in” and encouragement.


To see the nutritionist one on one for 1 hour will be a $45 charge To see the nutritionist in the form of a group for 1 hour will be a $15 dollar charge For encouragement, or to have that “accountability partner”, to communicate via phone calls, emails, skype, will be a $20 dollar charge To test your metabolism will be a $50.00 charge 



For more information on our medical therapy services, call us today at (850) 522.5490 



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We'd love to hear from you and schedule a time for you to visit us to discuss your health needs. Whether it is one of our clinic specialties, weight loss, or medical spa / anti-aging related, we are here to help you!

Please notice: we receive a huge amount of calls and messages every day. Refill requests may take up to one week. Medical record requests and forms may take up to two weeks. General inquiries and questions may take up to two weeks. For emergencies, call 911 or go to the nearest ER. This form is not for urgent or emergency matters.

If you have an issue that requires an earlier response than the above, please come to any of our four office branches. For your convenience, walk-ins are accepted in all of them.





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